Pasta Machines

We find what you need - Schmid Pasta Machines is the capable partner for purchasing used production equipment for pasta and snack pellets. With 20 years global market experience we can provide you with service at any stage of the process, from defining suitable plant through procurement of a given specification to commissioning ready for production.

The second life of the pasta machine - after acquisition of the suitable plant, Schmid specialists arrange its transfer. Every part of the dismantled equipment is cleaned, checked and if required, reconditioned or replaced. In addition, Schmid has solutions to satisfy all demands - from partial to complete retrofits. Conversion and modernization of all controls and mechanical components according to your requirements.

With our <Factory Planning and Production Optimization> service we support you in planning and designing pasta production plants as well as optimizing existing production. Design your plant together with Schmid to utilize the very latest knowledge and secure a lasting competitive edge.



  • Consulting
  • Procurement to specification
  • General overhaul
  • Conversion, modernization
  • Transfer
  • Commissioning and training
  • Factory planning, production optimization



  • Used pasta plant
    • Short cut pasta
    • Long pasta
    • Glutenfree pasta
    • Instant Pasta
    • Cut-out pasta
    • Snack pellets
  • Metering
  • Moulds and accessories
  • Storage and handling of raw materials
  • Silos for finished products
  • Packaging machinery
  • Infrastructure (heater, cooler, air compressor, etc.)
  • Replacement parts
Installation of a line for short cut and long pasta in the Philippines
2,000 kg/h short cut pasta press with penne cutter, transferred from Italy to Peru
New Bühler short cut pasta line